Our trustees are responsible for the running of the whole organisation. They check in with the CEOs and the CFO during monthly meetings. Trustees in general are not there on a day to day basis as they are independent from the SMT team. Serious complaints and complaints about the Senior Management Team go to the Trustees aswell financial conduct complaints.

Trustees also approve the policies and procedures.

Senior Management Team SMT (CEOs, CFO & HR)

Our senior management team take care of the day to day running of the organisation. All complaints are filtered out by the SMT. It us up to the SMT to run our accounts, file paperwork correctly and deal with all safeguarding issues that may arise from the work we do as an organisation. It is up to the SMT to finalise policies & procedures. Our SMT are responsible for our websites and hoe we are seen publicly.

Team Members

Our team is made up of people in various roles dealing with visitors on a face to face level. They have to follow the procedures in place set by the SMT.

Service User Forum

We believe that our visitors are our key to providing what they need so we will ask a service user forum for ideas and suggestions aswell as facilitate them starting various campaigns on issues affecting them. This is a service user led project.