Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders come in forms of all shapes and sizes. Some personality disorders you might have heard of are; Borderline, Emotionally Unstable, Narcasistic and Split.

Borderline (BPD) and Emotionally Unstable (EUPD), have similar symptoms and treatment method such as Dialetical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Psychotherapy. Often those with BPD or EUPD are sent to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and often do not find It useful. People with this disorder have had some sort of trauma, whether it be as a childhood or adult. It is a misconception though that this disorder ONLY stems from trauma as there are other factors in determining a diagnosis. This condition is very complex and heightened or lowered emotion throughout the day will be a typical symptom.

With Narcasistic, it Is a bit more difficult as most narcasists do not seek help due to the nature of the condition and the current stigma surrounding the diagnosis. It is a misconception that all narcasists are abusive as many aren't - however if you are experiencing narcasistic abuse please see the Domestic Violence section of the website.

Split Personality Disorder is commonly mixed up with BPD or EUPD however they are extremely different. While EUPD is about a split or mix of emotions, Split Personality Disorder is a different person or an "alter" which often has a different name to individual.

Brenchley Unit (Personality Disorder Specialists)

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They are open Monday - Friday 9am until 5pm.

If someone with a personality disorder is threatening to take their own life, establish if they have a plan. If they do, contact 999 immediately and ask for the police explaining your concerned about someone's welfare.