Who we are

Mission Statement:

  • Provide a safe space for those struggling with mental health or wellbeing within Medway

  • Prevent suicide and to create an environment where people feel open to express if they are struggling with thoughts or plans and put safeguarding measures in place if necessary

  • Provide activities and things to do that others in the community aren't providing

  • To work co-productively with other mental health organisations within the local area to make sure their is not a copy of work

  • To promote positive opportunities in the local area

  • To provide support to the LGBTQ+ Community

  • To speak out on issues affecting our visitors (this will be done via our podcast, which will be starting soon)

  • To be a mental health support to those struggling with Domestic Abuse or Violence and promote equality within that making sure our support is tailored to all and recognising that abuse is not exclusive to any gender


MIC stands for Mindful Insight Charity.

Our ethos is to be fully inclusive. Our current team is fully diverse and we have team members of different sexual preferences and identity with a wide variety of genders including trans and non-binary representation on our senior management team.

Everybody in our structure must have empathy and compassion for those with mental health issues. Our trustees will be made up of political representatives across the spectrum and also managers of various mental health teams. We will also appoint two visitors a year to be on our trustee board.

Our ethos is to fully listen to those with mental health or wellbeing issues as they are well-versed to be able to say what the needs are, as opposed to someone reading it from a book with no personal experience behind them.